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Getting Started
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Setting Workspace::

Step 3
History Palette::

Step 4
Make Your Tag::

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Step 6
Edit Script::

Step 7
Run Script::



The first thing you need to do is download the script

Also download the Text Name for Adding Script



The following is the 1st step in getting started!
1- Download the Script and the Text Name for Adding Script
  When you open it - you will see two scripts - Add name from File and Add Name New
2-  Place both of these scripts in your PSP folder - Scripts - Trusted
3 -  Now - on your computer have a folder for the tags you are making - I make mine pretty simple - My Tags - under My Tags is each of the tags that I make. I have a folder for each one that holds the script and the tag created
4-   Add this folder MyTags (I.e. your folder name) to PSP -
     File/Preferences/File Locations
You are only going to have to do this once!

On the other file you saved - Text Name for Adding Script
Save somewhere where you know where this is
I keep in my folder - My Tags

You are on your way.




Header Image ©Alex Prihodko


Download Script

Text Name For Adding Script